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Subscription Benefits to Soapmakers

Definitive Purpose

The purpose of Natural Soap Directory™ is to help soapmakers. We are here to help soapmakers. We know small businesses need affordable advertising; therefore, a Natural Soap Directory™ listing is just $72 per year, which is only $6 per month. Directory listing fees are a tax-deductible business expense.
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About Our Founders

Kerri Mixon and David Perez are the curators of the Natural Soap Directory. Kerri Mixon and David Perez started the Natural Soap Directory™ service from their home in 2007 to help soapmakers. A listing in the Natural Soap Directory™ helps to advertise and promote the sale of soapmakers' handmade products, enables soapmakers to legally print soap labels without including their home addresses on the labels, and acts to keep soapmakers informed of pertinent changes to laws regarding handmade soap sales. When you join the Natural Soap Directory™, you are joining our soapmaking family.

Address Requirements for Soap Labels, Comparison

In the United States, anyone who makes and sells soap, whether selling it as soap or a cosmetic product, must include the true business address (not a PO box) on the soap label. The address on the soap label must be the full and complete street address and including building number, street name, and apartment number (if applicable)—unless the soapmaker's or the soap business' address is published in an online directory. By publishing the address in our small, family-run directory, a soapmaker may choose to legally print only the city, state, and ZIP code on the soap label.

Assisting Soapmakers

We assist our soapmaker subscribers by promoting the sale of their products and informing our soapmakers of vital changes to laws that affect their businesses. Although we no longer publish the hardcopy version of the Natural Soap News™, whenever changes in legislation affect soap labeling laws, Internet sales laws, interstate sales tax laws, essential oil carcinogenicity warning laws, or anything else that may directly affect a soap business, we email our soapmaker subscribers to keep them updated and informed.

Listing Details—What's Included

Listing Locations

A listing with the Natural Soap Directory™ includes listings within 5 soap-related Internet directories:

Soapmaker Listing

A directory listing for a soapmaker includes the following items and services for each subscription year:

Soap Supply Company Listing

Although we use the general term, "Soap Supply Company," this category also incudes listings for classes, events, and organizations for soapmakers. A directory listing for a soap supply company includes the following items and services for each subscription year:

Listing Prices

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Subscription Listing Procedure

Step 1: Choose a Color Scheme for Your Listing

When choosing a color scheme for your listing, consider which color matches or goes well with your website colors or logo colors. Sometimes, choosing an opposite color gives a dramatic contrasting effect. For example, if your logo is orange, instead of choosing the "lemon" color scheme, you may consider the "lavender" color scheme to make your orange logo stand out.

Step 2: Telephone Us

We apologize if this step poses an inconvenience, but we are real people and we appreciate interacting with our clients. It is our goal to help you succeed in business and we have found a quick telephone call to speak with you about your business for five minutes gives us much more information than a generic cookie-cutter click-and-submit fill-in form. People who shop for soap online benefit from knowing what types of soap you sell (i.e. cold process, hot process, melt and pour) and the average selling price (e.g. $10 per bar). The type of information included in your listing is detailed to drive shoppers to easily find and purchase the exact type of soap you sell. For examples of the types of questions we will ask about your soap business, simply visit one of our soapmaker's detailed listing pages or refer to the Natural Soap Directory Listing PDF questionnaire.

Please telephone us during our normal business hours. We are in California, in the Pacific time zone.
Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun: 10 AM–5 PM. Sat: 9 AM–4 PM. Tue, Thu: Closed. Holidays: Closed.
+1 (619) 668-1435

Step 3: Pay the Subscription Fee

Whether you choose to pay through PayPal or Square, you don't need a PayPal or Square account. Both of these online banking services are secure and accept all types of credit cards. We allow you to choose between the two services in case you have a preference. Remember to print your receipt and save it for tax time because Natural Soap Directory™ listing fees are a tax-deductible business expense.

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Credit card charges appear as ACUTESOAP and PayPal payments may be processed through either Natural Soap Directory™ or Acute Soap Enterprises, LLC.

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